Why Blog, Here's Why.

I was just thinking to myself, as opposed to thinking to someone else, why blog? who's listening? am I being misconstrued and by default making our band sound naff, when, I saw a reply. Well fuck me sideways, now I know, I mean the reason I started doing it is one, i'm a graduate student from flinders uni with my major being English, so even though I use too many commas and run on sentences, my passion is writing. Number two, I try and promote my art form, being music and have been led to believe that it is important to blog if your'e a band and number three, I get god damn bored because i'm not a great sleeper, i'm a fully fledged insomniac and being up, alone and not having anything on t.v at 3 in the morning besides the love boat, what else do you do, you can only strum the guitar for so long until the neighbours go BANG BANG BANG on the wall and scream '' some of us have to work in the morning you selfish c--t" yeah I thought the language was a bit rude too as iv'e never met a selfish one, iv'e been selfish to them, seeing off my own needs much too early, but that wasn't on purpose and only when i was out of practice and doing maths in my head no longer kept the baby batter off my mind. But anyway, thanks to who ever wrote back, you have restored my faith in blogging, where was I, oh yeah, what a few days, sometimes there's so much beauty in the world that I can't stand it, and yes I know that line was popularised in a recnt film but they didn't invent it, it's an 18th century sentiment made popular by one of the greats, maybe Shelley or Byron or thomas de quincy, burning right out now, Andrew

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