William Street Strikers / Coastalwatch

 Hey y'all, our music is the backing track on coastalwatch being played behind some great surfing by the best surfers in the world on the circuit. We have loosely defined ourselves, which as you guys who know us will know, aint easy as we take twists and turns at every given opportunity, and not because we plan it that way, it's just the path of least resistance when you have four dudes with a lot of influences amongst them and no central dictatorship governing matters of artistic merit, anyone can challenge the direction.
                  Anyhow thanks to Craig Halstead for his help, it's this type of help that keeps a band fueled up and pushing on, especially as there's a big contingent of surfers within our camp, it makes long haul gigging great when you camp out and get surf in amongst the gigs. Cheaper too, and generally coming home with a mixture of salt spray and late night stank dank from seedy gelatonious venues is a good mix to polax yourself on.
       Anyhow we think we are Loc Rock, which translates to,'' Left of Centre Rock'' which suits us and describes us and gives us a broad umbrella from which to operate under and for people to define us by, you need a description unfortunately, maybe not such a bad thing, man it is soooooooo freakingly hot here in Adelaide right this second, it's 37 and i'm in a loungeroom with an old fan rotating noisily and bamboo window shades looking out onto a low tide white sand beachscape, it's australia after all, gotta go and get wet

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