William Street Strikers @ Instagram

Hi Folks, just letting you know that we now have an Instagram page and we will be doing some different bits and pieces on it, things like a section I've named " Tech Talk " which will be a series of posts outlining our equipment, the reason being, for those of you who like us for just our music is, we use a lot of very unique gear both in age and diversity. So we know through the communication we have with certain members that there's a clique of people who really appreciate some of our gear. Some like the vintage gear we use whilst others like the choice of high end gear that we use to get our sound. We're more than happy to oblige as we're tech nerds ourselves, we didn't realise how many of you love waxing lyrical about equipment, I guess you kind of think " this shit would bore the average punter " but, once again we've been proved wrong...and are happy to have been, anyhow I'll keep you posted, Andrew

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