Wrong Way Home-AKA- All OK-New Single out real soon

The first offering from our new and upcoming album is about to be unleashed on a society ill prepared for where it's leading both Australia, wait a minute, that doesn't sound right, let's try again, in the next couple of weeks our new tune is about to be put out , it's like the first taste of what will be our high water mark thus far. We're kinda taking our sweet fucking time with this album, southerners have seen stranger things than beatniks, fuuuuuuuuuck, why does that keep harpooning. Anyhow purty soon the whole album will be done, our 5 th release and second full length album, done with our beloved leader, spiritual adviser, literary guru and producer, Brother Sody. 
  What's the difference between a really devious shorter person and a big dose of V.D firmly festering in your nether regions? ones a cunning runt and the others.......

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