Yes,We are Musically Promiscuous

 I'm really enjoying some of the questions that come in and in response to the question that has been raised a couple of times by the SS, not the waffen SS, NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF, the super strikers. I think what we are is musical bower birds, I mean every person who creates any art form knows, that art, particularly music, reflects whats going on around it, it cant help that, and as the western ear has only so many variables that can appeal to it, pop must borrow, as in, it may only be an 80 year old art form but it is the end of history, I won't go in to the end of history, thats a thesis of itself but i'll tryn lay it out as clearly as I can, clear as mud. Well what we have in the band are four dudes who have devoted a lot of time both playing and listening to music, we've studied it, taught it and consumed it ravenously so when we hit the room our blood pressure rises and we start to speak rapidly with cotton mouth as the enthusiasm reaches fever pitch. Then the simple melody that is brought in is then subjected to our cheeseometre and if it gets past that, the song goes in, we try it live, if people jump up and down, or it elicits a good response in another way it stays in the live set, if not it gets recorded and put on record. When the beard strokers, and what I mean by that is, the people who intellectualise music and try and quantify it write that a new sound is here, pretty quickly you go listen and it's the same old chords, same old structures etc and it kind of makes the brighter part of the music community go, yeah yeah yeah, everything goes round and around so until we actually evolve into a situation where we expand the perametres of what we are able to digest, we're all sipping from the same well. You know people dig at zep for ripping off songs without credit and whilst that may have been true to an extent, really what they put down was so far from the trad blues, it was white hot anglo interpretation of it, the new wave of alt post modern hyper bombast swampy delta dread that is here atm owes a lot to the antecedents of earlier days, just wrapped in a new package. So yeah we like to stretch simply because we have to, we'd be bored stiff peddling the same record over and over again, the new material were working on is way different than our new record, weve turned left once again and I know you guys wouldnt have us any other way.

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