One Hour With - Raegan Krista - Interview

Hey Folks, 

                 Thanks for the recent spate of support you’ve given to our new album and welcome to those who’ve recently joined the mailing list. As you can see, I’m not here to sell you stuff I just shoot…

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Stuart Coup - Dirt Music - 2SER 107.3 - Bad Man

Very much pleased to hear our latest album , Baltimore Train getting a spin on Dirt Music, curated By none other than Susan, the curator of Dirt Music and an avid cross century multi genred purveyor of fine and arcane…

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Tomatrax - Album of the Week - Baltimore Train

Hi Compadres, our new album Baltimore Train is the Album of the week on the tireless and consistently music coal faced blog - Tomatrax.

  Richard started this Blog as a Triple J Super Reviewer in the noughties and since…

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Rock or Bust With Coops on HFM 107.3FM

Hey Brothers & Sisters, 

we are now 3 for 3 on our album score on Rock or Bust, a show in Perth that has some of the best albums from around the world and a wide range of genres…

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It’s Always Rock and Roll - Paul Slater - Three D 93.7

Hey people and other non people if you’re watching, I presume you watch which should cover the gamut of experiencing this human past time , I can’t speak your communication method so forgive me my overload/s benevolent or otherwise. 

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Radio Italia Uno - David Heath - Baltimore Train

Hey my people, 

       We’ve been fortunate enough throughout our career to have been embraced by many diverse parts of our community as our music is not only genre eclectic but culture neutral as well. 
      This is primarily because of…

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