3KND 1503 AM - Pieces 1st Spin

Hi all, 

         As you who have been following us closely know, our new release ‘  Lavender Marriage ‘ is out this month and starting to be distributed around Australia. Well song 6 ‘ Pieces ‘ got its first spin yesterday by Wendy Brooke on Friends With Wendy and Pete! 
         We love this song obviously and while we placed it as the obvious last track on the new record, as a book end, we didn’t expect it’d be received as a first choice of play by Wendy. That just goes to show how it’s very hard for an artist to be objective about their work. 
      Anyhow we’re very happy, it’s the rawest song in multiple ways, musically just a voice, piano and violin, emotionally it’s right out there with a dry vocal, no echo apart from the big vocal booth, 

            Love Andrew

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