Tammy - DJ Wendy Brooke - 3KND 1503 AM 

Hi guys, our latest offering Lavender Marriage has managed to make inroads into a lot of new territory, namely certain parts of the massive market that is the United States. What you’d get an ARIA for in Australia wouldn’t get…

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Southern FM 88.3 - Petey is No 1 

The power of radio! Petey is now our most popular song being downloaded more than our new record this week. This is what artists all create for, knowing that something you create will be viewed and enjoyed by another person…

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SouthernFM 88.3 - Petey

Hey my friends, 

                             Petey off No Not Nick has come in at number 1 on the most played songs in the last 7 days on Southern Fm!!! How’s that for a rush of blood! I was wondering why it’d been…

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