Baltimore Train - The Album Show - TripleY FM

Hey y’all, 

              Coming up on the 30/4/2022 will be The Album Show on Triple Y FM Whyalla with DJ Sean Deakin who’ll be spinning the Strikers new album, what is that called again? Oh yeah Baltimore Train, you can…

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How Does it Feel - Baltimore Train 

Here’s the track number 4, How Does it feel. 
It’s all sorts of quirky with a backwards phased sitar, 

enjoy my people 🔥🎸🏄‍♂️🎼

Baltimore Train - No 3 - Three D Radio 93.7 FM

Hey Sisters & Brothers and all lifeforms who are capable of reading my communication in this earthly time scape of 2022.

     Baltimore Train comes in at number 3 on Three D top 20 + 1 this week, that makes…

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Bad Man - Surf on Mars

Bad Man gets a run on this mighty demon spawn of a break, if you fuck up out here, you’re the break, the break in your skull!!!


Everything’s Wrong - Surf On Mars

Hi my people, as you know you can’t get our album via download, you have to buy it in its physical form for now, the way we baked it, I’ll eventually put it up and there are three tracks gratis…

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The Australian Mood - 3RRR 102.7 F.M

Baltimore Train cuts its teeth on Neil Rogers show “ The Australian Mood “ with a spin of the album’s namesake, we are going to line up two shows in June in Melbourne and like every other band trying to…

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Wedding Cake Baby - Baltimore Train  

Hey my people, 

                          Here’s one I prepared earlier. I actually got married this year, and this is kind of how it felt. It’s like a blur, but so is my mind on Sunday night so there you go!

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Hey my people, you’re really going to like the interview that I’ll post up here this week. I have appreciated all of the kind messages and support that I’ve got, even the fact that a lot of you went “…

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Sorry - Track 5 Baltimore Train  

Here’s a change of pace. This is a song that most people can relate to, most of us have been there. 
         There’s usually a winner and a loser.

Stay Golden Pony Boy 

 Andrew ✌🏽❤️😎👌