Get On Board - Hurley Winter Classic - Nothing's Going On

Hey guys, go and have a squiz at our latest video in the news section. It's the song off " Nothing's Going On " ' Get on Board ' dubbed to Mitch Imgraben's wicked footage of the competition. Being a band of surfers this is a buzz of the highest order for us. Our latest album is one of our favourites and we're taking off where we left off on the new album we're currently working on. This new one is coming together great, we are so used to the process within ourselves and producer, Brett Sody, that we're at that intangible place where the music we are capturing to tape now has that perfectly live, real band playing before you sound. That's always been our aim and its served us well. Our recording philosophy is that if a band can capture the sound of what they are, naked without studio tricks, then you've done what you need to do when documenting your art for posterity. What we want for us and our listeners is, that if you dim the lights in the lounge room, spark up a smoke and close your eyes, you're going to be able imagine in your minds eye that there is a band playing before you, you see the music being played , envision the drums being struck, hear the pick rake across the strings and the guitar chime and feel the low thump of the bass like the strings are a wound up rubber band. The voice Conveys the melody and message and you're there, like you hearing an old 45 from the 1930's when they got that sound quite simply because, they had to all be in the same room, playing together off each other, each musician in their own pocket but gelling together to get that perfect amalgam. So much of that had been lost of late as technology has made musicians lazy with the catch cry " oh don't worry about it, we'll fix it in the mix " That's an anachronism to us, say what you will, you can say our attitudes are passé , dinosaur even, well you know what, yeah we're dinosaurs and we'll stomp on you with our big Brontosaurus feet.

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