S.O.S 2MCE - With Dirty Harry

Click on the link and stream the weekly podcast for all you'll need to hear to get your weekly fix of Dirtier than dirt music spanning the gamut of the finest artists and bands this planet has produced thus far…

Radio - Port Douglas Radio - Nick Swainson The Crunch

Radio off Keep Left gets a spin on The Crunch from our old running buddy Nick Swainson. Gearing up as we are for our new album we looking forward to getting this one off the press and into the hands…


NOTE: If you have heard this CD before, write to me and tell me what you associate the music with :)  Music can be very powerful and is often linked to stories in our own personal lives, so if you…


Triple J

I hope Triple J never plays another boring rock song again. I hope they give Nazeem Hussain and Aamer Rahman the drive shift. I hope they play music I don’t understand from countries I will never visit. I hope they…

Tuning with Tomatrax

According to Facebook memes you can tune your guitar with your beard, is this true? 

It is true, it is one of those things that often bewilders other non beard guitar tuners at gigs, it’s something that you need…


95BFM - To The Motel - The essence of Punk 

"The Essence of Punk Show" on 95bFM  

Playslist from last night's show below.  

Iggy Pop– Repo Man  
Infa Riot– Five Minute Fashion  
Orange Juice– What Presence  
Ghost Club– Punch (Your Brother)  
The Disrupters– Obscene  
M.D.C.– Chicken Squawk  

Radio on Radio KA-Pow with Ben Jahmin

Radio KA-POW!!! Our tune Radio off our 3rd Album Keep Left gets a spin on Ben Jahmins new show. We are currently working up our new album due out in 4-6 months with our newest member , Rob Crafter -…

To the Motel - Neueregal Radio - DJ Kyzebub

To The Motel - To your ears Second Player Score Second Player Score‏ @SecondPlayrScor @SecondPlayrScor is listening to @wsstrikers-To The Motel. Now on @NeueRegelRadio1 w/@DJ_Kyelzbub (link: #indiemusic Oct 14, 2016, 1:15 PM from Five Corners, WA