BbbFM 89.1 - Ekkia Evans - Regional Rewind

Hi All, 

          Tonight on Regional Rewind with Ekkia Evans we’re going to be getting a spin on the show. The record is making its way around the country and starting to get some traction and that’s what we do it…

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The RockPit Review by Mark Diigins

Six albums in Adelaide’s William Street Strikers are sounding as good as ever. I love the opener ‘Poor Boy’ which is built on a jangly guitar riff, a great understated vocal and just a damn fine groove. It’s a great…

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A Good Day - Chapter 1

   Parked at the back of the old BP service station under the billboard the familiar lust hit the system. Glancing at the clock it read 4.49, time to hit the atm. 
   As the sound of my boots grazed across the…

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Say Hello with Frankie

The new show on Lofty FM - Say Hello has made our new album Baltimore Train it’s Album of the week. 
    It’s been nice to be getting into some new corners of the world with this new album, and this…

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