New Album off to Don Bartley…👌💯🎤😎

Hey all, 

             We’ve signed off on the mixes and the album is being sent off to Don today to get mastered. For any audiophiles there’s no need for me to tell you about Don and his operation. It’s Don…

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New Album 2022

    Hey you all, I hope everyone is doing great. I’m touching base as those of you who have written me will be pleased to know that our new 10 track album is almost done! 
    We anticipate it’ll be out around…

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Rehearsals for upcoming shows

we'll be hitting the live circuit soon and are looking immensely forward to hitting it. We've just about got our new album written and the pre production done and our new bass player Coz, broken in. So I'll have the…

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New All Australian Show - The Rock Shed

Hello friends from around this little blue ball. I hope you're all doing as good as you can and things are going your way. I'm letting you know that there is new one off show in the works here in…

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Lainie Anderson - The Putrid & The Privilege

Having accidentally stumbled across an article by this intellectual nobody, One line jumped right off the page. It was a typical us and them article that we are used to by the likes of her and her ilk, a welfare…Read more

William Street Strikers @ Instagram

Hi Folks, just letting you know that we now have an Instagram page and we will be doing some different bits and pieces on it, things like a section I've named " Tech Talk " which will be a series…Read more