Sunday Sounds - Fleurieu FM 89.3 - 94.7 - Lavender Marriage 

Hey my people, today I’m giving a big thanks to Sunday Sounds on Fleurieu FM who played Lavender Marriage in it’s entirety on Sunday! That’s a massive compliment and an endorsement of the highest order for a band, musician and artist and it’s something that really makes a band not only proud but also inspired and motivated to keep making music. 
      We’re extremely grateful to the station for its support of our recent album in 2022 , Baltimore Train and the support of Lavender Marriage. As you’ll remember, we have had a few posts on our pages from the public who’ve heard our music and some of you have bought our physical product which is great on two levels, one being that having people buy our music and knowing they’re going about their life and we’re in their headphones and ears is why we do it and two, all the proceeds go into helping us pay for the next one, which is why we we’re able to do Lavender Marriage so quickly after Baltimore Train. We’re able to use Don Bartley to master the album, record at top level studios and cover the costs of pressing, distribution and production. 
    I’ve got to give a big shout out to the Programs, Fabulous Friday, Rock it Friday, Bum Nuts and Gum Butts, Friday Mornings, The Sound Bar, and the SeaBreeze Sessions all who have given us a spin in their sets, I may have missed a show but I’ll find out more later and pay it forward, 

        A big thanks to everyone at Fleurieu FM 89.3 - 94.7


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