New Album On Way - 28/11/2016 - Begin

We have been diligently writing and crafting, cobbling and assembling a set of new songs that we will be recording soon for our new album. As yet we have no name for this document but that is sure to come. What we can tell you is that this album is going to be quite a departure from our previous sound, even though we're known for our eclecticism there has always been a distinguishable " sound " coming from us. There are various factors responsible for this and this will become apparent to you guys in the next set of studio shots and video diary. Aside from that obvious factor, the addition of a new player, there is also the philosophical and or practical approach we are taking into the studio and have used during the writing of the new material. I'm sure that the end result is going to be something quite unique. We are back in the same creative environment, the space that spawned " To The Motel " and '' Nothing's Going On '', back at SodyPops with Brett Sody Engineering and this is always to our advantage as we are very comfortable there, in all ways which is conducive to the creative process. I will keep you all in the loop as always, cheers Andrew.

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