Hey my people, you’re really going to like the interview that I’ll post up here this week. I have appreciated all of the kind messages and support that I’ve got, even the fact that a lot of you went “ that’s not news “ yeah I know to some it mightn’t have been, you might’ve assumed but to me it’s about being able to speak freely. It’s taken time and the passing away of people and most importantly the guts of one DJ who said “ what’s your story “ a simple question right? No, it’s not that easy, in this hyper charged politically charged tribal culture that we’ve found ourselves in, it takes courage to ask what may seem to be the most innocuous of questions. Thank DOG he did because to quote Muhammad Ali “ I’m free to be what I want to be, think what I want to think, I don’t have to be what you want me to be “ I always loved this quote and this man, Along with Lionel Roses quote about being Australian after he was the first to win that title, it’s always resonated with me.

peace ❤️

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