To The Motel - 95BFM - The Essence of Punk. 

"The Essence of Punk Show" on 95bFM  Iggy Pop– Repo Man Infa Riot– Five Minute Fashion Orange Juice– What Presence Ghost Club– Punch (Your Brother) The Disrupters– Obscene M.D.C.– Chicken Squawk R.I.F.– Understand-Not Crass– Major General Despair Television– See No Evil Jello Biafra w/ D.O.A.– Full Metal Jackoff William Street Strikers– To The Motel Nirvana– Breed Suicidal Tendencies– Subliminal The Ukranians– Hude Dripro Hude The Stranglers– Toiler By The Sea Revolting Cocks– Beers, Steers & Queers Future Stupid– Greed Pissed Jeans– Bathroom Laughter Skeptics– Bubbacluth Violators– Die With Dignity Winterland– Burn The Last Resort– Johnny Barden Laibach– Gebert Einer Nation The Bluestars– Social End Product The Cure– Play For Today Flux Of Pink Indians– Neu Smell The Cramps– Can Your Pussy Do The Dog

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