John Healy - Great Lakes F.M 101.5 - Wrong Way Home - busted head 

Thanks to our good  mate and DJ John Healy for giving a shout out to Andrew who had a slight head clobbering after getting too enthusiastic when the bass dropped, he wrecked himself before he checked himself and found himself in Flinders Medical Centre with a mild concussion and a major embarrassment, anyhow as John said, he could’ve gone the wrong way home but somehow, something, somewhere went right!!! Rock on but not rock on head nor head on kitchen door handle whilst rocking on..

David Totton - The Casey Beat 3SER Casey F.M 97.7 To The Motel  

It’s good to see our back catalogue getting spins around the place, To the motel got a spin Saturday on David’s show which is between 8-10 and showcases great music from excellent bands. We’re currently in the process of cobbling together our sixth album and have some great players contributing some great music, I’ll keep you all updated as we go...

Milk Presents The Garage Byron Bay 99.9 F.M 

“ Radio “ off our Album Keep Left gets a spin on Bay FM by the long running stalwart of garage, low fi and the punk DIY ethos, I’ve been Milked. You can stream this show from just about anywhere in Australia and you’ll find the independent gems that keep a person abreast of what’s going on in this genre around this little blue ball. It’s subscription time and I look at it from this angle, community radio, particularly specialist shows keep a crucial balance in our sometimes imbalanced media monopoly world. For those, ( and statistics would confirm that “  those “ are about 45% of the listening public on any one day ) who value diversity of opinion, art, culture etc so on and so forth, community radio provides the counter balance to the sludge ethos of “ if it bleeds it leads “ . It’s never been more important to have non scripted ground roots media, not just for artists ( although many of us would not survive without the support of the network) but for the local communities that rely on these stations for news and the general knowledge of what’s happening in the respective community that each station/program provides. So I would implore anyone who can afford to to subscribe, donate or contribute whatever is within your ability. The crews that keep the system rolling do so largely on a voluntary basis, donating massive chunks of their time for the love and betterment of all our lives, fueled by a desire to keep art/culture/politics  visible for all of us. Now more than ever we need independent media representatives.

30 Years of Rage 

We're proud to be a part of the 30 year history of Rage, our clips were made on a shoestring and we've learnt the craft as we've gone along. We all started watching Rage as teenagers and it became a part of the Australian musical landscape, settling in at 9 o'clock and going on through until 6 in the morning, discovering music as you went along, all the while thinking " I reckon I could get a clip on there one day " so when you finally do you can say to yourself that you've ticked off that milestone. Here's to another 30 and here's to our new clip which we are looking forward to cobbling together and seeing it on Rage.

New Album - Back Catalogue 

It's that time again, time to commit to tape the new music we have written over the last 18 months since the release of "Nothing's Going On ". We knew through experience that the time from incubation to inception would be heavily reliant on a number of relatively predictable variants that preclude the normal pluralistic " spanner in the works ". To cut to the chase, we're now well immersed in the writing and structure, preparing the songs for the task of capturing them for consumption. We've had a growth spurt which was surprisingly natural whilst also deliberate which sounds like a contradiction in terms but in this context, is nothing more than a gentle herding of the elements already existent in our style.
  We've been humbled by the continuation of our back catalogue to be receiving such attention by not only our regular crowd but also by a new crop of listeners who didn't know of us until recently. It's very rewarding to watch older albums being consumed by newer consumers and something that can obviously only happen to a band that achieves a longevity like ours coupled with a very regular output of material that we have deliberately worked extremely hard to achieve.
In the next month we expect to announce some shows and to also upload an album track that will be a prelude to the album and made available to the radio networks that have given us so much support over our life span.,I will be back with more updates as they come to hand...