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Don Bartley - Benchmark Mastering - New Record  

Hey there people, particularly but not exclusively the new crop who’ve come in of late. We’ve just got the masters back from Australia’s premier league audio guru Don Bartley and as usual, it’s absolutely awesome. This is our 3rd in a row done by Don and the sound for the audiophiles among you, is just amazing. I couldn’t possibly explain with any depth the intricacies of the dark art of mastering but in a world that’s obsessed with pinning everything to the wall , Don makes music for listeners, in your lounge room, with a dim light, in your headphones, in the car as you drive, the proper experience of light and shade and the sound of the most superior mastering suite in the western world, that sounds like a big call but just look at the catalogue, also we’ve used Sterling plus plenty of others so it’s not an opinion based on speculation, it’s moored in experience.To any musician who might be here, you should go the Benchmark. To our people, Thankyou for buying our records in physical format, it’s given us the opportunity to make more music without having to worry about the financial aspects, our records nearly ready 👌

Limited No. of Physical Copies of 6 WSS Records available  

Hi All, 

            Hope you’re all settling into 2023 in your own way. I’m posting a note to let you know that I did a top of the attic cleanup and have found a number of physical copies dating back to our first release in 2008. If you’re interested hit me up and I’ll get them posted off to you, the rarest is No Not Nick. We’re open to a bulk order of various combinations if you’d like to buy a combination of albums. The new Record is coming along nicely and I’ll keep you all posted, 


    Love Andrew

New Record Interview on 3MDMR on Uncut & Unsigned  

Hey my people, it’s that time again, on Tuesday 28 th March I’ll be holding court with Tony and Matt discussing our new record and also talking all things music for Australia in 2023 and possibly all things globally. As is becoming the norm for our three way conversation, we’re likely to cover a plethora of topics from the big pool of the music scene as we journey into the new year, we’d love to hear from you and as usual I’ll put the interview up here and around the place so you can catch it if you’re otherwise indisposed at the time, 

Love Andrew

Sunday Breakfast w/ Graham McFarland Listeners Choice - Baltimore Train 

Thanks to Alive FM 90.5 , Graham McFarland snd the crew from Sunday Breakfast and the HDD show ( best new show in Australia for 2022  as per the vote of the CBAA ) - for the work they’re doing supporting current Australian original music. 
    The listeners choice has seen our album Baltimore Train make the set chock full of excellent bands, songs and albums. It’s a nice piece of recognition that motivates every artist no matter what field, but particularly us as we head on into creating our new one for 2023.

Triple H 100.1 FM Top 20 Albums of 2022 - Baltimore Train 

We're very humbled and grateful that Baltimore Train has come in at number 17 on Triple H top 20 
Albums of 2022. A special thanks to Trevor Richardson of " The Music Almanac with Rufus on Fire ' for all his support and continued work promoting Australian music from every angle and era and the same tip of the hat to Jason Velleley of ' The Australian Music Weekly ' for the same reasons and his long term commitment to promoting Australian music. It's a nice little kickstart as we head towards the new Album.