William Street Strikers new album is by far the best document of their recording life. The combination of skills and creativity brought to the table has made this album a complete statement. 
   The individual members are all accomplished musicians with runs on the board. Stuart James Day needs no introduction, like all the members, he’s evolved out of the high school garage and grown in scope to be an adept multi instrumentalist that has him mastering just about every instrument you can get a sound out of. His vocal prowess has given the album some of the best harmonies and his guitar work is effortlessly brilliant, you only have to hear F.A.B and happy people to conceptualise what he’s been able to lay down with a free hand and his creative bent. 
 Denis Surmon gave a bass mass for the ages on this album! The album is masterfully coloured with the playing of this masterful musician and fellow literary colossus! You only need to check out Blue Ring Records to see the art that this cat is pumping out. Locking in the pocket with Liv and weaving in and out like Marciano against Joe Louis, it comes in tight but loose, ringing and swinging.
    Liv Bafile is a consummate professional, a drummers drummer with an unearthly ability to get inside a song and give it not just raw power, but make it swing. From all of his experience in the engine room of the many exceptional projects he’s done, came  just what this album and the band needed. All of his work on this album was recorded with instinctive feel for time, knowing how and when to lay the funk in the trunk, the clock in the rock and the roll in the soul. 
   It’d be remiss of this author to not lavish praise on the team leader, the captain and the boss who every member is happy to defer to when making executive decisions, Mr Brett Dion Sody, the engineer at Krell and Adelaide Hall of Fame member. Not only the producer who’s creativity and vision guided every player into giving their best, Brett also played guitar and keys and as a key component of the band, outdid even himself.
    Of course last but not least is Andrew Matters, peering out of the darkness in the woods, he strolled into town with a street punk slouch, the bow drawn and the arrow ready to fly. A singers singer he did what he does best and lathered himself up into an energetic frenzy to give all that can be asked in a vocal, also laying down rhythm guitar that sits warmly in the mix jiving with band.
     The Strikers return with their new album, ready to pump it out for all to hear.