Triple H 100.1 FM Top 20 Albums of 2022 - Baltimore Train 

We're very humbled and grateful that Baltimore Train has come in at number 17 on Triple H top 20 
Albums of 2022. A special thanks to Trevor Richardson of " The Music Almanac with Rufus on Fire ' for all his support and continued work promoting Australian music from every angle and era and the same tip of the hat to Jason Velleley of ' The Australian Music Weekly ' for the same reasons and his long term commitment to promoting Australian music. It's a nice little kickstart as we head towards the new Album.

Graham McFarland - Alive FM 90.5 - HDD show 

A big thanks to Graham for his support of our new album Baltimore Train on a couple of the shows he stewards, the HDD show and Alive Breakfast.

     The HDD show is an important show in the community as it has a focus on Dads and the general well being and Mental Health of people in the midst of this vital role, particularly if you’re a single Dad. The show is peppered with plenty of absolutely fantastic bad jokes to keep the spirits up and keep the Australian self deprecating humour alive and well.

     I think that all too often the stoic line the Australian male is corralled into can lead to what can only be described as a devastating sense of isolation. To have an accepting accessible group of like minded. Individuals provides a much need perspective. Perspective leads to relief a person realised they’re not the only one facing the struggle and that leads to self acceptance and the ability to start liberating oneself from self loathing and feelings of despair.

     On top of all that is the airing of Australian independent music which all Artists need to survive both financially and psychologically, to keep the fire alive.The set lists are so wickedly diverse replicating the Australian scene at this point, healthy and diverse. You might not know that if you only ever tune into playlisted stations where the DJ has no freedom nor usually knowledge of what’s out there. 
     This isn’t surprising to me as Graham ran the Aria record store which was close to a venue that everyone played at back in the day, a venue I booked and lived in intermittently “ Club Paradise “ it was a thriving club and Thursday night was the original band night, I saw YAI there before anyone had heard much about them, I met Nick Cave who was there seeing some bands, so there’s a little bit of cross paths.

     Cheers guys



One Hour With - Raegan Krista - Interview  

Hey Folks, 

                 Thanks for the recent spate of support you’ve given to our new album and welcome to those who’ve recently joined the mailing list. As you can see, I’m not here to sell you stuff I just shoot an email bi annually and when there’s something happening. I hope you’ve enjoyed the music and am looking forward to sharing the next album which is being whittled up now.

      For a good number of you there’s no knowledge of any other projects I’ve done but I feel that enough time has passed now to stitch my past together without losing any credibility or trying to piggyback off older achievements that probably have no relevance to the present.

      My longtime friend and colleague Raegan Krista has recently started a new venture and has managed to get some great and varied Australian talent on her show #OneHourWith. It’s well worth a listen and is up here and also on her own platforms where you can hear a great array of art and genres. 
    See you all soon, Andrew 

The Music Almanac with Rufus on Fire - Triple H 100.1FM 

   Thanks to Trevor Richardson for the support of our music and particularly our latest album “ Baltimore Train “ here’s a set list from the 8th, proud to be a part of this number! 
    We’re back in the studio for our follow up so we’re starting this decade out right in my estimation, the sky is the limit.

     We also killed it with Aussie Music Weekly, which has been a champion of Australian music for a decade at least, Jason Velleleys interview gave us the biggest listening audience both on the stats on Mixcloud and from the feedback I got from new listeners. We managed to get more engagement than bands who perhaps have a bigger name and even some that have been nominated for the AMP. So we’re pretty happy about that as our grassroots followers are continuing to grow and we’re persisting by persisting, continually creating more music and not being defined by anyone other than our own instincts. That’s what it’s all about!

Stuart Coup - Dirt Music - 2SER 107.3 - Bad Man 

Very much pleased to hear our latest album , Baltimore Train getting a spin on Dirt Music, curated By none other than Susan, the curator of Dirt Music and an avid cross century multi genred purveyor of fine and arcane artistic offerings. If you need evidence of this then the most cursory investigation will lead you to her own show which I shall not give details of here lest spoil you, my dear readers furtive endeavour in uncovering the aforementioned show. After all, I with the good authority and the balance of probability would assume that any soul that has followed me here by that very action, is in essence a lone sonic traveler, smug in the knowledge that you, you have appetites and endless ever expanding catalogues and library’s of music that the average spoon fed consumer is sadly deprived of. 
   So once again I say hello and goodbye for now and wish you well.