The Music Director Show - Petar Tolich - Southern FM 88.3 

Hey Folks, 

                    We’re proud to be getting a spin in this jam packed full of Australian new releases set list that’s right on the coal face of new music that’s out right now! Hosted by DJ Petar Tolich on Southern Fm at 4 o’clock this Tuesday, it’s going to spin Sunday on my mind “ off our new release, as you can see from the set list it’s also got the new Hard Ons, Holy Holy and a stack more great bands, tune in if your local or grab the listener app and check out what’s going on in music this…

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On The Blower - Tony Biggs 2/6/23 - Lavender Marriage  

Hey Up, After hotfooting over the border in 91 Tony has been spinning discs at 3RRR on his show On The Blower and we’ve been fortunate enough to have had his show as a platform for all of our releases, Hands Off My Paper being the latest off Lavender Marriage, for Tony’s sanity and mine, long live On The Blower !!!

All New Saturday Ausmosis - Southern FM 88.3 

Hey people, 

                     Tune into Southern FM 88.3 on the listener app if your not in the state and hear four hours of all new Australian releases including our new one - Lavender Marriage, Tammy is getting a run, so far the most played song off the album . It’s getting really good traction on Great programs like the All New Saturday Ausmosis show, 


The Yassville Skyline - Hosted by Dylan Webster - Lavender Marriage Sat 27th 

Hey my people, if you get the chance tune in to Yass FM tomorrow Saturday 27th to hear our new record get a spin on Yass FM on the Yassville Skyline hosted by Dylan Webster of the band Howlin Threads , you might remember the poster profile pic I had up last year, the show is known for those retro Cream, Kerrang early Rolling Stone type covers to advertise the episodes, long live Australian rock and roll! 

It’s Always Rock and Roll - Paul Slater - Three D Radio  

Hey people, 
                       Our new release has been doing some sets on the radio across Australia and as those of you who check in a lot know, that's the only way it can be heard for a while. At least until we sell enough physical copies to fund our next release. 
              This Monday night just gone we got a spin on Paul Slaters program " It's Always Rock and Roll " on Three D Radio with Candles getting the nod. For those who have written back and forth about programs and finding certain genres…

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BbbFM 89.1 - Ekkia Evans - Regional Rewind 

Hi All, 

          Tonight on Regional Rewind with Ekkia Evans we’re going to be getting a spin on the show. The record is making its way around the country and starting to get some traction and that’s what we do it for, you can tune in tonight between 8.30 - 10.30 if you’re local or use any of the Listener Apps to catch it, 

           Love Andrew