New Album off to Don Bartley…👌💯🎤😎 

Hey all, 

             We’ve signed off on the mixes and the album is being sent off to Don today to get mastered. For any audiophiles there’s no need for me to tell you about Don and his operation. It’s Don, it’s good 😊 , no it’s great! This is his second Striker mastering job, he did “ Nothings Going On “ also. 
            So like the band has to, stay tuned and I’ll be back soon, 

                  Peace love & have a great Xmas

New Album 2022 

    Hey you all, I hope everyone is doing great. I’m touching base as those of you who have written me will be pleased to know that our new 10 track album is almost done! 
    We anticipate it’ll be out around January 22, we are soooo god damned hyped on this one, it’s earthy and delicious if we do say so ourselves.

    I’ll be back soon with all the details, 👌😎

3KnD Koop ‘N’ Deadly 1503 A.M - Wendy & Friends  

    Hey Everyone, one of my favourite stations & programs “ Wendy & Friends “ deserves a big shout out for our spin today and all the support we’ve had over our life time as a band.

     What I’m really stoked about is that the station has just received 9 million in much needed and we’ll deserved funding from the Government. 
      3KnD Kool N Deadly is Melbourne’s only all indigenous owned and operated station, it has been a massive support to all indigenous artists and is heavily involved in the local…

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One Hour With - Raegan Krista Three D Radio 93.7FM 

Hey folks, coming up on October 2nd is the interview we just did with Raegan on her new series “ One Hour With “ . Her new show is a very unique format but I’m not going to give it away right now, you’ll have to tune in. What I can tell you is that it’s extremely well thought out for creatives and the audience alike. I have a feeling the show is going to grow and be an excellent vehicle for artists to talk and showcase their projects. Raegan has been involved in the industry as long as I have and therefore…

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The Rock Shed Interview - Crazy Dave Saul - RPP FM The Voice Of the Peninsular 

Hey all you striker likers and shedders ( rock shed fans ) - thanks for tuning in last Friday to hear us talking about our new Album with Dave Saul, it was an excellent interview as always and covered everything Strikers including talking about our new upcoming album which is over halfway done. As usual we're at Sody Pop with Brett Sody and we have guesting some of this countries best musicians, this next session we have the inimitable Stuart James Day adding his phd in rock on to it, ie harmonies and…

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Rehearsals for upcoming shows 

we'll be hitting the live circuit soon and are looking immensely forward to hitting it. We've just about got our new album written and the pre production done and our new bass player Coz, broken in. So I'll have the firm details for you in the near future, speak soon compadres.

New All Australian Show - The Rock Shed 

Hello friends from around this little blue ball. I hope you're all doing as good as you can and things are going your way. I'm letting you know that there is new one off show in the works here in Australia that will be 3 hours of back to back, new and old Australian music. It will span the gamut of scenes and moments in time with a focus on real, passionate and " played it like you mean it " music. The Show will be this Friday from 6-10pm.

    The show is the brain child of Crazy Dave ( aka Dave Saul )…

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Get On Board - Hurley Winter Classic - Nothing's Going On 

Hey guys, go and have a squiz at our latest video in the news section. It's the song off " Nothing's Going On " ' Get on Board ' dubbed to Mitch Imgraben's wicked footage of the competition. Being a band of surfers this is a buzz of the highest order for us. Our latest album is one of our favourites and we're taking off where we left off on the new album we're currently working on. This new one is coming together great, we are so used to the process within ourselves and producer, Brett Sody, that we're at…

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Dave Saul - Crazy Dave - The Rock Shed - Great Lakes F.M 101.5 

      We'd like to thank Dave Saul, A.K.A professionally as Crazy Dave, who heads the show '' the Rock Shed '' from 6pm - 10 pm Friday nights on Great Lakes FM. We've been getting a few spins recently off our 1st full length album '' Keep Left '' . He's spun ''Radio'' and '' It's Getting Lonely '' Let me tell you a bit about Dave, he's a prick!!!  WHAT!? no, NO, no, that's not what i meant to say or even thought, my bloody Tourettes playing up again, even through the key board. No Crazy Dave has recently…

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Lainie Anderson - The Putrid & The Privilege  

Having accidentally stumbled across an article by this intellectual nobody, One line jumped right off the page. It was a typical us and them article that we are used to by the likes of her and her ilk, a welfare bludger piece, that tired old chestnut, much like Lainie Anderson, Bronwyn Bishop and Andrew Bolt types themselves. The line was " welfare isn't mandatory, you can always get a job " and it was targeted at the  paternalistic cashless welfare trial recipients in Ceduna. What I found so offensive is…Read more