Rehearsals for upcoming shows 

we'll be hitting the live circuit soon and are looking immensely forward to hitting it. We've just about got our new album written and the pre production done and our new bass player Coz, broken in. So I'll have the firm details for you in the near future, speak soon compadres.

New All Australian Show - The Rock Shed 

Hello friends from around this little blue ball. I hope you're all doing as good as you can and things are going your way. I'm letting you know that there is new one off show in the works here in Australia that will be 3 hours of back to back, new and old Australian music. It will span the gamut of scenes and moments in time with a focus on real, passionate and " played it like you mean it " music. The Show will be this Friday from 6-10pm.

    The show is the brain child of Crazy Dave ( aka Dave Saul )…

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Get On Board - Hurley Winter Classic - Nothing's Going On 

Hey guys, go and have a squiz at our latest video in the news section. It's the song off " Nothing's Going On " ' Get on Board ' dubbed to Mitch Imgraben's wicked footage of the competition. Being a band of surfers this is a buzz of the highest order for us. Our latest album is one of our favourites and we're taking off where we left off on the new album we're currently working on. This new one is coming together great, we are so used to the process within ourselves and producer, Brett Sody, that we're at…

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Dave Saul - Crazy Dave - The Rock Shed - Great Lakes F.M 101.5 

      We'd like to thank Dave Saul, A.K.A professionally as Crazy Dave, who heads the show '' the Rock Shed '' from 6pm - 10 pm Friday nights on Great Lakes FM. We've been getting a few spins recently off our 1st full length album '' Keep Left '' . He's spun ''Radio'' and '' It's Getting Lonely '' Let me tell you a bit about Dave, he's a prick!!!  WHAT!? no, NO, no, that's not what i meant to say or even thought, my bloody Tourettes playing up again, even through the key board. No Crazy Dave has recently…

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Lainie Anderson - The Putrid & The Privilege  

Having accidentally stumbled across an article by this intellectual nobody, One line jumped right off the page. It was a typical us and them article that we are used to by the likes of her and her ilk, a welfare bludger piece, that tired old chestnut, much like Lainie Anderson, Bronwyn Bishop and Andrew Bolt types themselves. The line was " welfare isn't mandatory, you can always get a job " and it was targeted at the  paternalistic cashless welfare trial recipients in Ceduna. What I found so offensive is…Read more

William Street Strikers @ Instagram 

Hi Folks, just letting you know that we now have an Instagram page and we will be doing some different bits and pieces on it, things like a section I've named " Tech Talk " which will be a series of posts outlining our equipment, the reason being, for those of you who like us for just our music is, we use a lot of very unique gear both in age and diversity. So we know through the communication we have with certain members that there's a clique of people who really appreciate some of our gear. Some like the…Read more

Radio KA-POW - Strikers getting a Spin - with Ben JahMin  

Hi Folks, in this game the object of the artist is to get ones art out to as many interested ears as possible and to also get your music in front of as many new people as possible. It's and has always been a numbers game, a jungle telegraph that allows a band to grow and prosper. While the bigger stations are crucial to any bands long term survival, so too are the many smaller community stations and increasingly the internet podcasts with a good listening base. It's an amalgam rather than a specific…Read more

Mitch Imgraben - Videographer  

One of our tunes has recently been dubbed in on one of Mitch's latest videos showing what appears to me to be some shots of Knights here in S.A as well as some other boss breaks. It's an awesome clip and a rush to watch so go suss it out for yourself, it's up here in our news feed and in videos or on our Facebook page, twitter or Mitch's sites as well, where you can also see some his other work. I'd recommend the Coastal watch 2016 roundup to the hardcore. Looking forward to more of this.

Max Fredericks - Happy - Great Timeless Song 

  I was around 26 y.o, living in semi drug addled magnificent squalor, in a cosy little bedsit when I first became aware of this brilliantly crafted example of unashamedly executed melodic pop song. I'd been awake for around an hour which at the time meant that i'd rolled out of bed, brewed coffee and made toast and consumed a nice fat joint. The television was moaning at low level in the background and the mid winters gentle sunshine danced off the slowly rising flumes of smoke that filled the room.
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Andrew P Street - the person to read. 

He's a lover, a leftie, a writer, a poet, a man, a musician, a father, a husband , a polymath and possibly the most informative and readable journo to have surfaced to the upper eschelon of the craft in the last 20 years, if you don't follow him I suggest checking him out, it will be an exercise well worth your doing.