Southern FM 88.3 Petey top songs played on the station

Hey there my people, Petey off our 2009 EP No Not Nick has featured in the most played songs on Southern FM in the last 7 days in a great set that has Lachy Doley and the Vanns among many other talented bands. This means a great deal to a band like ours. We set out with the goal of putting out good music that we like, ignoring as much as humanly possible any trends and just keep going on our own journey. Whether the music hit straight away or got caught down the track didn’t ever matter to us. We have never been on trend, and as I said to see our songs and back catalogue start to get more of a look in due to our 7th release is very gratifying, some bands get picked straight up, some bands over night success takes 13 odd years. We were never going to fit with triple J, we just don’t have the right clothes and haircuts but due to the community radio scene and the many and various DJ’s and stations we’re able to keep on keeping on, we’d be dead without them.

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