Paul Slater - It’s Always Rock and Roll - I’ll Be Okay - Three D Radio 93.7 FM

Damn it, I just missed getting a video of our tune playing on Paul Slaters show, it’s not as easy as it sounds, number one I never ask any D’j around Australia when they’re going to be spinning us. I just tend to listen to shows that play music that I like and that music is similar to the music the band puts out. So the videos I have of us being played around Australia come from me always having a radio on either in the background or in my ears and then when I’m lucky I’ll catch the song and if I’m on point, the back announcement, which I missed by 13 minutes on Paul Slaters show, with the tune I haven’t caught yet on my journeys. You can’t win them all. I think if you pick through the set list of the show you’ll find music that you’ll not have heard and like, it’s basically how I manage to keep at the coal face of rock music around the globe, there’s a ton of links on here to good music. I have to thank you guys for switching to direct contact so I can avoid the spam and hackers that have bombarded the site’s comments and attempted to ream my data and email contacts, for those unfamiliar with this, just contact me direct on the email on Fb , or even text, I can sort out who’s a genuine music person as opposed to a scammer quick stix that way, PS the song is up here now, the only place it’s available digitally, also check out sakuran zensen taxi man, I highly recommend this to get your blood pumping!

                Cheers mates