Great Lakes F.M 101.5 - John Healy 18/3/22 interview

Our mate John Healy from Johno in the Arvo will be having us on ( he always has us on ! 😂 ) this month for an interview where we’ll be talking about our new album and our plans to get out and do some shows behind it. 
    I’m going to upload it here and if you pop over to our Insta @William_street_Strikers you can see an excellent receiving of the album! John made a short, he gets the album, throws it in the deck and freaking cranks the bejesus out of it, it’s in a big room with floorboards and sound MASSIVE! It’s just the start with me, my acoustic guitar and Liv on drums but it cranks.!!

Anyhow tune in or Re stream it here, 

peace Andrew xxxxxxxxx 

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