It’s Always Rock and Roll - Paul Slater - Three D Radio

Hey people, 
                       Our new release has been doing some sets on the radio across Australia and as those of you who check in a lot know, that's the only way it can be heard for a while. At least until we sell enough physical copies to fund our next release. 
              This Monday night just gone we got a spin on Paul Slaters program " It's Always Rock and Roll " on Three D Radio with Candles getting the nod. For those who have written back and forth about programs and finding certain genres and shows you'll remember we talked last year about various DJ's with this show being one.  The other was the Tokyo show " MikeRogersshow " 
       Even though on the opposite side of the globe and probably both unawares of the other, there's a similarity in the style of the sets. 
      Which brings me to a not at all smooth Segue  but one that I did hint upon a couple of times. The documentary " A Rock in  a hard place " is now up on YouTube channel by Todwina J Moore and has a lot of excellent content from Adelaide including Paul, talking about the formation of the Adelaide underground Rock and Punk Rock scene. It is well worth a watch and is up on our site. 
     Go and tune into the shows, “ It's always Rock and Roll “ is on Monday night between 11-1 Adelaide time and Mike Rogers is 8-10 Tuesday evening Tokyo time.
      Until then keep moving.

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