ThreeD - Radiothon - Seven More - backing music

Time to put your money where your mouth is and support the station that supports you, whether a musician or just an avid music lover and participant in the rich local tapestry of the Adelaide alternative arts and culture community. For a measly sum you'll be helping keep the station alive and let's face it, community stations are the sentinels against the Vapid mindless voices that spew forth commercial rubbish to those who chose to listen to it, ( each to their own ) but there's a metric fuck ton of them and we, community radio listeners only make up 25% of the listening crowd on any one day in this country, were a minority and we need donations to survive, it's not like the stations are selling Products or have any corporate monies, so to keep a free and interesting station(s) alive, one must subscribe...oh yeah, Seven More " off our new album is part of the Radiothon call out, being the backing music in parts, sweet!

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