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   Thanks to Trevor Richardson for the support of our music and particularly our latest album “ Baltimore Train “ here’s a set list from the 8th, proud to be a part of this number! 
    We’re back in the studio for our follow up so we’re starting this decade out right in my estimation, the sky is the limit.

     We also killed it with Aussie Music Weekly, which has been a champion of Australian music for a decade at least, Jason Velleleys interview gave us the biggest listening audience both on the stats on Mixcloud and from the feedback I got from new listeners. We managed to get more engagement than bands who perhaps have a bigger name and even some that have been nominated for the AMP. So we’re pretty happy about that as our grassroots followers are continuing to grow and we’re persisting by persisting, continually creating more music and not being defined by anyone other than our own instincts. That’s what it’s all about!

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