Hey Ho Let’s Go - 4ZzZ - Lavender Marriage 1st spin

Hey All, 

              As anyone who’s a regular here would know, our new 2023 record is coming out this month. The majority of the physical copies are being distributed sometime in the next week or so and the digital version is as always, just up and available to M/D’s and individual shows on Amrap. However I’ve been sending in anticipation of the release advance copies to a select group of D/J’s in Australia and I’m proud to announce that our first spin happened on the 6/5/2023 on the long running and much loved show on 4ZzZ , Hey Ho Let’s Go hosted by Marty. As we all know, our music doesn’t adhere to any one particular genre and sometimes we don’t have a song on a release that suits a show like Hey Ho Let’s Go, but this release had one right in the vein of this shows motif, Track 1 Candles.

         So there you have it, we broke our cherry on a great show that I follow and tune into regularly and on the great station 4ZzZ who support a huge amount of Australian music and who get involved heavily with social issues of the country that are mostly overlooked by the mainstream and legacy media conglomerates. 
       Speak to you all soon and after we’ve sold enough physical copies to fund our next record, we’ll then upload the record to digital platforms, 

                    Cheers Andrew 

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