Stuart Coup - Dirt Music - 2SER 107.3 - Bad Man

Very much pleased to hear our latest album , Baltimore Train getting a spin on Dirt Music, curated By none other than Susan, the curator of Dirt Music and an avid cross century multi genred purveyor of fine and arcane artistic offerings. If you need evidence of this then the most cursory investigation will lead you to her own show which I shall not give details of here lest spoil you, my dear readers furtive endeavour in uncovering the aforementioned show. After all, I with the good authority and the balance of probability would assume that any soul that has followed me here by that very action, is in essence a lone sonic traveler, smug in the knowledge that you, you have appetites and endless ever expanding catalogues and library’s of music that the average spoon fed consumer is sadly deprived of. 
   So once again I say hello and goodbye for now and wish you well.

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