Tammy - DJ Wendy Brooke - 3KND 1503 AM 

Hi guys, our latest offering Lavender Marriage has managed to make inroads into a lot of new territory, namely certain parts of the massive market that is the United States. What you’d get an ARIA for in Australia wouldn’t get you a mention in the You - S of A but what it means for bands like us is the ability to sell our physical products and put it towards the next release.

Baltimore Train did well and sold enough to keep us functioning as a profitable business but for a couple of reasons, the new album hit harder and we doubled sales of BT in 5 weeks as well as selling out Lavender Marriage.

     One reason would be the quick follow up to 2022’s album and the capitalisation on the new inroads, the second was Australian DJ’s , particularly Southern FM giving some strong support to not only the new album, but also unearthing older tracks such as “ Petey “ off No Not Nick which was worth a lot to us ; but the undeniable fact that’s kept us going for this long are our regular people who have supported us for over a decade, and to those who follow us closely, Wendy Brook is not an unfamiliar person to you. Which brings me to the point that we had Tammy spun today on her show, she’s been doing a lot of extra work at the studio of late, filling in on various shows.

     Anyhow guys, that’s the mail and thanks for all your emails and your feedback, support and suggestions, 

    Cheers Andrew 

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