5 miles out of Broken hill

The sun beats down, i'm feeling i'll, the wrong direction unknown, this is not the way home. I carried on a conversation with batesy whilst essentially asleep, all i did was nod and say uh huh, yeah right, and that sufficed, i was so wacked out, i mean he didnt pick it, and arent we all just monologues in search of dialogues anyway. you know sometimes when i'm awake and i'm getting harrangued by an unconscouable bore, i jst log off and mirror the persons body language and facial expressions, doen't everybody, you know those conversational narcissists, who like pin you in a corner and force their way into your psyche, well you need protection from this, it's a god damn rude trait and they always pick on people who don't have the front to just shut em down, like me, which brings me to the poor bastard who are on commision and rock up to your front door and try to change your electricity bill, '' we have had some complaints about the power rises in your are, can i just see your bill, dont you wanna save money, blah blah and they fucking fire into you like their voices are verbal ak 47's, you know some one should teach sales people that a genuine approach is what you need, fuck where do they learn those word like '' chief, champ, big fella'' that are supposed to flatter your ego and make you feel important!!!!? it's a universal tool, like they all use it, the bad sales people i mean, i mean, come the fuck on "BRO'' do i look like a big fella, a chief or a champ, jebus, which gets me onto the point of fuckknuckle band bookers, funny story, i guess some of em love the position of dominance they hold over bands in the smaller places, we had this the other day '' hey Bro, im on tour atm so get back to me in a couple'' oh yeah cockknock thats why we can see you leaning on the wall at the beach right now, and the word ''Bro'' is about as dated as ''dude' is, nah maybe only when it comes from the high priest of indie fuckknuckles, what some 'dudes' don't get is that music is a life long pursuit and bands and people in them are going to be bumping into each other for a long time and the positions of power and lack of change all the time, so bro, karma ' s a rich ugly old maid courted by incapacity when you throw out bad vibes, but i love ya, her's a big kiss.
saturday is a great day for a counter meal, im going to get one now

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