Album / Film Clip

Hey all of you angry disaffected, educated, generally fucked up, agitating bunch of super human beings, good to be here, keep up the good work in your area of the world and we will to, let's face it, we have to, most of the populace on this shit fuck of a planet are inherently self entered drones deserving of no more than a spinal chord, but we digress, as members of this loosely affiliated bunch of freaks we all know that four of us, this four in these pages are half way through our new album, what a freaking monster it is, get ready for this big bastard, also the clip is being done by a dude who recently won a place in the Canadian short film festival, so it'll be art, not me and the crew trying to work a camera , blindly learning jack shit about the fine artistry of film making
Here comes our best effort to date, even if we do say so ourselves, 
thanking all the supporters, from punters to dj,s to my left shoelace , you got us here, we are ready for there and that's were we're going.

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