Australia's Present for Prince William and Kate's Baby

 Considering 95% of the world lives off the pittance that the 5-6 leading family's and their industries that have grown large off the suffering of the exploited workers of the world, I think the fact that we even acknowledge this antiquated tradition and not rise up and spread out the resources which should be made a right of every human being is more than enough. The trouble is, they worked out in 1945-6 ( the English , The Russians French and The U.S.A ) that with the advent of the Industrial Age,, to avoid the pre war conditions in europe before the war, ie, the Nsdp, the brown shirts, the Bolsheviks etc running around the streets brawling, disseminating propaganda, just generally doing what human beings do if they are getting a raw deal, that, there will never be a situation of full employment, so they created the Welfare state, and made it so that we, the average person, gets to have a house that we spend our lives paying off, a car, 1.5 children, a couple of days leisure, you know, work, sleep , eat, travel work, sleep eat, forn50 years fm your life till your ducked and don't care any way, well fuck you old guard, we ain't eating cake much longer, ther's a critical mass building, governments should be scared of us, the people, not the other way round, so new born Prince, English Prince, think yourself lucky that you were born now and not in 20 years time when the raping of this planet and its people will be ending, and DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM will have taken over, the ideals of liberty are worth fighting for, and capitalism will be hard to remove but we can make a fair system for all, as for the royal family, just look at the lineage of it and then look at what it produced, yep over the last 500 years, somebody in the royal family, knew someone in the royal family, not a great amount of genetic diversity there, just take a look at Charles, so any how, piss off, the cash your'e wasting on this publicity parade could save a ton of shivering, down on their luck homeless people or some other needy cause, fuck you and your sheltered little lives, get a real job, let us know how it feels after 52 weeks, God Save the Queen.

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