Canadian Film Festival and the Strikers

We are pretty proud of the fact that the person behind the camera for our next clip will be someone who managed to write and direct a film that was deemed worthy enough to win an award at the C.I.F.F this year. Knowing that we don't have to do it, the d.i.y ethos whilst worth pursuing, is in all reality, fucking hard work, there's a lot of good old fashioned toil involved in getting the " organised chaos just got out of bed feel and look, it's not one that we relished on top of everything else we have to do to make an album seemingly effortlessly glide out of the Strikers creative cannon ready for consumption. 
     On top of this and the paramount golden egg is the fact that the clip is going to be art, an arthouse film, filled with one persons vision separate to the individual perception of its creators, a subjective interpretation from a different angle, the angle of the film maker. We need the masters, the Film maker who just makes film, this is what we needed, so with that in mind we are very much in what you'd have to call awe. We have tried to assiduously avoid anything associated with what we perceive to be the ugly cliches of the musical world we are in, it's not easy, how do you write a. Press release and it not sound fucking terrible or boring or terribly fucking boring. How do you take a band photo without looking like a tool, how do you do a clip with all of the above and more, we're documenting a period of life and we don't want to look at it and start cringing anymore than our audience does, trust me when we say this, more than you guys. We are proud that up until now were quite happy that we haven't been down any roads too cringeworthy, you'll never r see us playing an instrument in a clip or holding one in a picture, unless it's a live show, you know you won t get a " watch this fucking space " you know we won't spam you with stupid fucking email that ask you to come to a show when you're in Poland and the shows in Newcastle, nor will we facebook you with tons of unwanted shit, tryn sell you anything really, not that we aren't happy when you buy, we love t hat but we love because we know you want to do it, that's the difference, in actual fact we couldn't do most of the stuff we do if we didn't have certain people buying our albums, we've got a good balance, anyhow, our new clip, awesome.

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