Forrister Jenot - Cheer leading Aussie Music

Thank goodness for the dedicated pilots of the airwaves. One of these dedicated stalwarts is our long time friend, Mr Forrister Jenot. This cat knows more about the Australian musical landscape than Molly Meldrum, Darren Levine, Glen A Baker, Ian Mc Farlane and Robert ( who knows a shitload too ) Dunstan , put together. Why, well because he's at the coal face, sleeves rolled up and shovel in hand, mucking in and sorting the shit from clay. There's the mix of intellectual and practicle, ie he's experiences the gamut of performance from listening to recorded music as well as suss ing these bands out in a live setting, which, as we all know, is crucial to be able to accurately assess what is good and what is just crap wrapped up in studio tricks. He's also not afraid to call a spade a god damned shovel, yes, Fj ain't no publicists sheep, thank heavens for that because there are so many paid up publicist trying to tell us that some band of brothers are " great " when they're as boring as batshit. We need artistic objectivity. Unfortunately when you get certain section of the media telling people. " this is the next etc etc " some people will buy it, the counter balance is Fj, aaaaand, more often than not people will come to their own conclusions after getting a counter point argument, knowledge from comparison. Apart from the aformentioned, let's not forget the countless and often thankless task that Fj performs in sifting through literally thousands of songs a month and digging out the contenders. Until you've tried it you will never know how much grit guts and determination it takes to do this on a regular and consistent basis. So with that in mind, the Australian musical landscape is in good hands, Fj ain't going to let the multitude of under represented extremely talented artists fly under the radar just because certain sections of the musical community don't deem something right for their format, no no no! He's spinning and plugging and giving these diverse and crazy interesting artists an outlet, a reason to keep creating and all the Ponies he bets on go on to do great things,they keep going validating the calculated faith that has been put in them. Pilot of the Airwaves, keep spinning your eclectic mix of tunes, we all love you buddy.

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