I'd Rather be a hammer than a nail

 yes i would, if i on ly could, i surely would, mmmnnn , mnnnnmnn,
so let's go see the man who began it, janet, made me give you the eye and then panick, janet, dammit janet i love you
another flashing chance at bliss another kiss another kiss
the days are bright, and filled with pain, enclose me in your gentle rain, the time you ran was too insane, we'll meet again
i spied my connection and slid up along side him with my hands pushed deep into my trench coat pockets, my collar turned up i hunched and strode in rythym, as we walked along the bustling street i prepared to cop, just before the entrance to the train station i reached out and dropped a hundred bucks in sols jacket pocket and he handed me the cap, i then ducked down a flight of stairs to the subway, i didn't have a ticket but i got on anyway
finally i sucked up all the solution, flicking the pick with my finger the air bubbles hit the top and one droplet hung on the end of the sharp, pulling the torniquay' tight my hungry vein throbbed and i ran a swab along my butchered arm, as the spike penetrated the skin and a flush of bright red blood sputtered back into the fit, i released the belt and pushed the plunger, removed the pick and placed a swab on top, i leaned back and moaned, lit a smoke and took a long thunderous drag, the smoke filled the room and i had the first particularly dumb thought of the day, this will be the last time, looking down i felt sorry for my abused arm and wiped it tenderly, the full force of the warm cellular smothering now crept over me, spreading to the back of my legs and up my spine, i felt vaguely hungry and thirsty, but it was too much effort to do either, the smoke had now burnt down to butt leaving a long wad of ash that was threatening to fall, if god made anything better he kept it for himself.

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