Lainie Anderson - The Putrid & The Privilege

Having accidentally stumbled across an article by this intellectual nobody, One line jumped right off the page. It was a typical us and them article that we are used to by the likes of her and her ilk, a welfare bludger piece, that tired old chestnut, much like Lainie Anderson, Bronwyn Bishop and Andrew Bolt types themselves. The line was " welfare isn't mandatory, you can always get a job " and it was targeted at the  paternalistic cashless welfare trial recipients in Ceduna. What I found so offensive is the  deliberate misinformation that is disseminated by this agitating extremely priveliged middle aged hack. With the current situation being as it is, where there are at conservative estimates, 5 people for every one job advertised, welfare is not a choice, it's a necessity and a right. I won't digress into the discriminatory nature of the cashless welfare card, that can be taken up by the growing tide of decent Australians who, living in an increasingly uncertain world, understand that everyone is vulnerable to misfortune, market forces and that inequity, poverty & unemployment isn't a character flaw, it's the result of a system perpetrated by the few that effects the many. If hard work equated with financial security or success, it wouldn't be the likes of Anderson, Bishop, nor Bolt who felt the entitlement to look down their considerable Ivory towered noses, nurtured on their own sense of self importance and the belief that their station in life came about because the playing field is a meritocracy. I guess we should all be thankful that the print media, the traditional platforms of information is being democratised and these antiquated opinion piece writers are becoming redundant. In the meantime Lainie, go back to your Pinot Noir and let the rest of them eat cake.

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