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 We had been thinking about this for a while but lately with the release of To the motel we we're struck by some of the most interresting well thought out interviews that we said, sheeyit, we're going to get this going, we've missed a couple of great ones because we hadn't thought of it, Jai and Nick immediately spring to mind but there are a ton of others, you also get a lot of dj's who are true prophets, they aint about hit counts, and page view, and being publicity whores, they are there for the music, they don't use last names, have no fbook page, hardly anything that promotes the self, they just expose the plethora of under represented music, lord god whatever you are, sheppherd these deciples through the dark night. 
 Anyhow our first two that will be up soon will be Lara on Fresh Fridays for her fantastic session done recently and also will be new and approves on syn fm with will wnd chelsea who as you'll hear,did as equally a smash up job. It's an artform you know, you try and guide a person who you only know through some publicists boilerplate paragraph, tryn establish a rapport and keep the conversation flowing,imagine if you got the mono syllabic dark brrodong ' im too cool for this, its about the music man, it aint an easy job, anyhow ill get a couple up soon.

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