Radio Free Bakersfield @ William Street Strikers

Great to be getting some spins around the West Coast and in the surf scene particularly as we try and get to the drink at least once a week, maybe when it's minus 67 some of us are a little relunctant but Chris is in no matter what, me, mmmnnnn, I like it a little warmer. The hawaii 5/0 lick we use at the end of ' Radio ' has been used, ie the whole song to open a few surf shows, music can't help but reflect what's going on around it so that's where that part comes in, as in , we are from a large continent with a lot of rugged coastline and open spaces, you can hear the Australian Desert in ' Instant Pizza World ' the expansive ring of the sustain of the Fender Strat, ringing out in an approximation of vast empty roads, long crisp desert nights and headlights searching for meaning on lonely unsealed dirt roads to nowhere. Are we going to drive off a cliff man, this aint good, where is that friggin camping ground, pass me some of that, I need to calm my nerves, mercy!  

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