Rockit With Margaret - Noosa community Radio

 We will be having a talk with Margaret soon about the new albumand the Strikers in General, we are very fortunate to have been heavily supported by Noosa in General, the station , Maragaret, the community, the surf crew, etc etc, and what we are starting to see is, well, how do i say it, some people still like what I call real music, played by people who can reproduce it live, not done on electronic devices, as I heard a favourite journo of mine say, and a good friend " it's about time musos got the fuck over their toe stairing, i'm too cool attitude  and realise, WERE ENTERTAINERS, thats right, and unfortunately to all the ironic hipsters out there, your time is over, were bored fuckers, that beard in all its manicured glory looks like finnigans, for fuck sake, also, it may work in some inner city joints, but this country the way it is, you going to have to tour the country towns, yeah rock up there and try your pretentious bullshit, yeah right, peace.

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