ThreeD Radio 93.7- no 4 ' To The Motel '

 We have re entered our local stations charts landing at no 4, this station is an Adelaides band life blood, it's a buffer for listeners, as in , if 3 d gives a band the green tick of approval, you know that band meets a certain criteria, and thanks goodness for the buffer zone, that way listeners know that they aint going to work on maggies farm no more, i know i sound like a listener more than a band dude singer type, but that's where this monologue has taken me and i drive round a bit and always have the D on and I know that theyve done the bullshit busting for me, so all of a sudden i'm not going to get some angular horrid triplej latest sensation type band, even if the band or song mighnt be my cup, it aint going to be barf worthy, make sure to kleep your subscriptions up, lobby senator Conroy and, oh yeah, yay for us '' To the Motel '' is no 4, it's third entry, which helps us heaps as you'd be surprised the reach of the station, people are streaming it round the world, i had some one say i heard you on etc etc, and i said '' no way '' and he showed me this app called shazam, and shazam, there we were, there was the album, song, time program and station, how cool, listening to 3d in europe and hearing your mate scream about all his unfortunate misgivings, love this crazy world, or maybe just love being crazy in a crazy world, love you all, peace

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