To All The Oz Dj's who have helped us get Gigs

 We would like to Thank all of the excellent Dj's right around the country, who, from their own initiative and on our behalf without us even asking, have rung up their local promoters, venues etc and put our name in the hat for shows, we were rung by Two today alone, in all earnestness we really god damn appreciate your help, without people like you, bands like us would not be able to flourish and keep financing our musical daliances, how great it was to be asked if we'd like to support a touring band from a venue half way across the wide brown land, 6 degrees of separation, you know us, we'll get in the trukasaurus and play just about anywhere there's an audience, this has served us well as we have always believed we'll win people over one person at a time, our definition of success may be different to other bands but what we have been able to achieve we could not have done alone, certainly, and you will find out soon, some of our biggere breaks have come all from word of mouth, it is with much gratitude that we say thanks, which does not seem like an adequate enough word for it but for the sake of trying to express appreciation it will have to suffice for now as I can't find any other words, they all appear to sound too fluffy, just a big thank you.....

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