To The Motel on The Band Next Door 2SER/ also WSS Hits The Road

As for the latter, yeah we hit the road and boy were our knuckles sore, we just thought that if everything we hear about bands hitting the road we ought to try it out, wouldn't recommend it without gloves, did you know we heil from Adelaide, like a quasi Fascist, or a heavy downpour of ice, maaaaan our incendary live show, it was an accident as the tavern was full of old ceiling type thatches of bamboo and we sparked up a blunt, incendary alright, 

 but seriously brethrens and sistenes we are very vibed about getting spins on 2SER off of our new offering ' To The Motel ' as that is an important scene to us, played heaps of shows at the unis along the east and it's great to have been supported by various dj's on the station, did you know that 2SER, whilst a lot of shows and gigs and scenes are finding it hard at present, is consistantly pulling big numbers to their end of semester shows and having to turn away punters. Now that's how to play marbles, there's a reason why there are so many good dj's with their own specialist shows on the station spanning varios decades and interests, Kingswood Country, go Lex, but all I can tell you is, every spin pretty much means a new punter to us or an email, text etc and that's god damned great for a band like ours, so far this year we have subscribed to 11 different stations, we support the stations that support us and vis versa and we believe that you ought to do the same, that is if you don't want to be spoon fed your art like a kitty petting, baby kissing corporate rock whore, do what you can, we'll do what we can because as Voltaire said ' life without music would be a mistake ' or some such variation on that general theme.

           Good bye my pony island ' knee high
good bye my pony island ' knee high
   good bye my pony island giiiiiiirrrrllllllllll

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