You Can Do Anything You Want To A Sleeping Elephant

Massacheusses and Claremont - see a later addition, i knew i missed someone, oh Lublin Poland too

Cheers Austin, Frisco, Truckee, Washington, L.A, Bakersfield, San Quenton, Wolverhampton , Liverpool, Perth, All of Northern Australia, New Zealand, The pacific island cluster who just bought a whole lot of albums of ours, Paris France, Spain, Shri Lanka and Japan, you guys have just helped fund our next album which we are immensely grateful dead for, we have a good recipricosity going amongst all you Super Strikers and appreciate your continuing support and well wishes, I'll keep you informed as to how it's all going, see you soon.
 Oh and Jamison Pennsylvania San paulo Brazil, how you doing? Cheers for the support as well, that's the trouble, you thanks someone and accidentally miss out on someone else..

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