Top 10 Albums of 2012-Keep Left+Big shout out to Poland+more

 We are humbled to have ended up in Sounds of Oz Top 10 albums of 2012+ in the Top 20 of Tomatrax.

Thank you to all our friends who support the band - A massive Hello to Stockholme-stockholme Ian, + Cheino + Torun Kujawsko Pomorskle + Olsztyn - Warminsko Mazurskie + Dudley England + Yeovil + Rialto California + Pelota Rio Grande Brazil + Chelmo wloclawek + Olszy Athens - Attiki and of course all of you other regulars.

With the resurgence of No Not Nick we have been getting plenty of Love in New Zealand, thanks Chris Mundy.

Also we will have our Skype interview with Cj in the U.K up soon.

Stay tuned people, we have got a new album coming out very soon.

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