One Hour With - Raegan Krista - Interview

Hey Folks, 

                 Thanks for the recent spate of support you’ve given to our new album and welcome to those who’ve recently joined the mailing list. As you can see, I’m not here to sell you stuff I just shoot an email bi annually and when there’s something happening. I hope you’ve enjoyed the music and am looking forward to sharing the next album which is being whittled up now.

      For a good number of you there’s no knowledge of any other projects I’ve done but I feel that enough time has passed now to stitch my past together without losing any credibility or trying to piggyback off older achievements that probably have no relevance to the present.

      My longtime friend and colleague Raegan Krista has recently started a new venture and has managed to get some great and varied Australian talent on her show #OneHourWith. It’s well worth a listen and is up here and also on her own platforms where you can hear a great array of art and genres. 
    See you all soon, Andrew 

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