Rock or Bust 107.3 HFM with Coops

    Rock or Bust ( a title to a pretty successful Australian band ) is an established show in W.A run by Coops. 
   It features such a wide range of genres of rock music, it’s pallet is undoubtedly one of the broadest vistas of any contemporary shows. This suits us fine as we’ve never been defined or contained by the limitations of genres, we just write what we like and hope someone else likes it. 
     Anyhow we’ve just had our second feature on the show, the first being our debut album “ Keep Left “ and today we had “ Nothing Going On “ played on the show. Needless to say we’re proud to be a part of this number!!

       Soon, as you know we’ll have our new album out and are looking forward to see where it goes, Rock or Bust will likely be one of these platforms….Thanks Coops